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12 Apr 2020
Commit code on github branch development
12 Apr 2020
Meeting with client for new project.
12 Apr 2020
making this the first true generator on the Internet
12 Apr 2020
it look like readable English. Many desktop publishing

Hi, Welcomeback!

JustDo Buttons UI,

ButtonsYou can use classes which names are .btn .btn-primary .disabled .btn-outline-primary

.btn .btn-primary
.btn .btn-default
.btn .btn-success
.btn .btn-danger
.btn .btn-warning
.btn .btn-info
.btn .btn-light
.btn .btn-dark
.btn .btn-link
Buttons Rounded
.btn .btn-primary .btn-round
.btn .btn-default .btn-round
.btn .btn-success .btn-round
.btn .btn-danger .btn-round
.btn .btn-warning .btn-round
.btn .btn-info .btn-round
.btn .btn-light .btn-round
.btn .btn-dark .btn-round
Disabled State
.btn .btn-primary .disabled
.btn .btn-default .disabled
.btn .btn-success .disabled
.btn .btn-danger .disabled
.btn .btn-warning .disabled
.btn .btn-info .disabled
.btn .btn-light .disabled
.btn .btn-dark .disabled
.btn .btn-link .disabled
Outline buttons
.btn .btn-outline-primary
.btn .btn-outline-secondary
.btn .btn-outline-success
.btn .btn-outline-danger
.btn .btn-outline-warning
.btn .btn-outline-info
.btn .btn-outline-light
.btn .btn-outline-dark

Button tags


Button group

Button toolbar

Different Sizing